Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Growing up I was a HUGE NKOTB fan.. Anyone else think this maybe NKOTB future generation?!?! hehe they are all so cute

Left to right: Jude, River, Alexander, Everett, Noah

My boy and his best buddies <3 they are an amazing bunch of boys with an awesome bunch of mommys!
I did ok today on the eating thing. No chips no pop.. had some ice cream I shared with Alexander and some chocolate chip cookies. I did not get any exercise in as I was busy with errands.
Here is a small rant regarding the vet.
We're going camping in 2 weeks and it will be in southern Nova Scotia where there is a large infest of ticks. We want to protect our dog Penny against ticks so we want to get the treatment for her. I called our usual money grubbing   vet and they said I needed to take her in to have the vet check her and give her the perscription. Vet visit 63$ perscription 20$ total cost 83$ plus tax. So I went to look for Advantex or front line at local stores, no luck so I stopped into another vet clinic in the area. Again was told vet visit (55$) and perscription (20$). So I spoke with my friend Tracey to where she gets her flea/tick medication. She said she's never needed a perscription. So I called the vet place she goes to.. Nope no vet visit needed, just needed to take her in to get weighed and they will give me the EXACT SAME medication I was told we needed a perscription for.. Seriously.. No wonder there is not proper pet care, some of the vets are just money grabbers. Had I not had a friend who I could ask her advise it'd cost us almost 100 bucks (after tax) now it's going to cost 20$. I now have a new vet and know two places I will not recommend to people.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

life got in the away again

Well it would appear that life got in the way again of the blogging. I am determined to be a blogger. It may take a few months for me to get on a roll but I really need to do this for me. I need this to be my outlet, my "me time" my diarrhea of the mouth area.
For the next  while not a lot of things will be in order until I find my groove, but I'm really REALLY ready to get my life in order. My baby boy turned 1 on Sunday, we had a great party for him! He had so much fun. I start vacation at the end of the week (there will be no posts from Aug 3rd to Aug 9th for sure) During our vacation I plan to recharge and restart.
I'm 255 lbs as of today. Today is an end point and a starting point. The end of me gaining weight and the start of me being the best mom and wife I can be. This means doing things for myself. Giving myself time to exercise and eat right.
I seen pictures of myself from Alexander's 1st bday and I gotta say.. I'm not impressed lol. I tried the Jillian Michaels "online plan" it didnt work. I could not follow it well enough. I was not motivated well enough. Well I am now. I'm tired of gaining 10 lbs every 3 months. I'm tired of the scales slowly creeping up. I'm tired of being in pain and being exhausted all the time. Yes part of it is because I have a pup and a 1 year old and work until 1:30 in the morning. But part of it is also because I'm out of shape and do not eat right. I'm going to find a good weight loss blog and support group.
I will still have lots of stuff about Alexander on my blog and our adventures but this will also be about weight loss.
If you're out there and reading this PLEASE comment as often as possible. Please encourage, please help motivate, please rip apart, PLEASE help keep me accountable. You'll be helping a little boy keep his mom around for a very long time.