Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good week

Well we are 19 weeks on Thursday :) This has been a good week I've started feeling the baby move. My appetite is ok, I'm loving tuna and cheddar sandwiches mmmmmm! I had the energy to actually make a chicken dinner today. Although it is sooo much work, for a few minutes of yummy eats, then the clean up.. But it was yummy and Jon enjoyed it, the baby even gave a kick or two.

I have been a bit stressed this week because I worry about the baby. I hate not knowing what's going on in there. Thankfully I have a doctor appointment this Wednesday, then the following Wednesday we go for our 20 week ultrasound. Hopefully find out what the baby is. I have to meet with the FACT people at some point in March so I shouldn't worry to much about the baby. I get to hear/see it a lot!

My cravings-- broccoli casserole, sour cream and bacon chips and tuna sandwiches

Weight gained--4 lbs

Food aversions-- getting better I was able to force one salad into me this week

Inches gained--still around 5"

Goal for the next week--drink more water and workout at least 3 times

Pregnancy symptoms--Does baby kicking count as a symptom

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And a few fun pics

So had some issues with the spacing in the last post.. Blogger is not the friendliest site to post multiple pics on. Its quite annoying because I can not get the spacing right although it looks fine when I'm compsing.. But thats all the pics of the baby and baby belly.

Now I shall chuck in some fun baby related pics. Callie believes that everything that is brought into the house HAS to be for her. I mean who else could it be for????

A new bed for me!!! Awesome!

Oh a new toy for me.. You shouldn't have!

As promised.. huge pic update!

Baby 6 weeks old Baby Belly 13 weeks

Baby 13 weeks 4 days

Baby Belly 15 weeks

Baby 14.5 weeks

Baby Belly 18.5 weeks

Monday, February 20, 2012


Well its official, I can now feel the baby move. This weekend when we would put our hands on our belly the baby would kick 4-5 times. Jon was all smiles. This morning I was relaxing surfing facebook and boom boom boom I got kicked!

It is a crazy amazing feeling. Then a few hours after that I felt it again. I gotta stay I got a little teary eyed! Its a very relaxing feeling knowing the baby is ok. Even if it only happens once a day, I'll be more then happy!

So I have a few different questions I'm not sure how many ppl come here, but if you do please weigh in.

1. What if any baby laundry soap do you recommend?

2. I have avent bottles (thank you Jennifer and Adam) and am not sure if I should get the 0 months or the 1 month nipples for it. I think the 0 month is really low flow, but also do not want to get the baby to get a flood of milk at 3 days old lol.

3. I have vacation booked for the end of may, like May 28th to June 1st. I am due July 19th. I want to get the nursery ready during this vacation.. Should I keep it, or move it up? If I move it up should I move it up 2 or 3 weeks?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Officially 18 weeks

Well I am 18 weeks pregnant today :) I love it now that I am not sick anymore. I will love it more once I feel the baby kick! I might have felt it move a few times already, just not to sure. I bought my first pair of maternity pants last weekend.. What an adventure that was... 12 pairs of jeans, 3 skirts, 2 cargos, 2 pairs of leggings and 65 minutes later.. I got one pair of cargos.. (which pick up everything!!! highly annoying) But they are comfy and thats all that matters! The reason for trying on all the clothes and only getting one pair, because they were all freekin skinny leg.. I am sorry I do not know many women who wear a size 14+ who have skinny legs! Why would they do that?! Why on earth was that their only option available? like NO regular jeans at all. Their reason "its the style". So what I don't want to be in style then, I want comfy jeans where my legs look like legs not stuffed sausages!

I am getting better sleep which is great! I have energy to do stuff which is even better. I did have a week of vacation last week. I loved being able to cook home made meals for supper every night :) In a way I can't wait for mat leave so I can make Jon home made meals almost every night :)

This week I got pre-registered for delivery and got registered for my labor and deliver class. Which will be June 9th. We get a tour of the hosptial and a bunch of other stuff. I also have a class on breast feeding on the 11th. It was suggested I take Jon along since breast feeding is a "team effort". They will be interesting classes to say the least. There was another one I wanted to register for however I work nights and they only hold them at nights. Because apperently the only people who get pregnant in this world are people who work 9-5.. Seriously! It does make it all that much more real for me. My next baby doc appt is Feb 29th. Then my ultra sound on March 7th. We hope to find out what we're having on that day.

My schedule is also going to be changing :s Which I do not like this one as I have no idea what I'll be working, I don't know if I'll get my weekends off which will be very disturbing :( Not even one week day off.

My cravings-- none
Weight gained--2 lbs
Food aversions-- pretty much everything I mostly force myself to eat, Nothing is appetizing oh but I did eat my first salad in months
Inches gained--5 (no wonder my pants no longer fit!)
Goal for the next week--eat more salad! I want to start eating a little better then I have. I'm not eating that much junk but want to cut out what I have been.
Pregnancy symptoms--HORRIBLE night sweats! Scared the life out of me as I was not expecting it and it scared me and worried me until I spoke with Crystal the next am..

I will have to get Jon to take some pics of my teenie tiny baby bump to post. We bought the baby a tshirt this past weekend at the motorcycle show. And we ordered a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock bib! I shall post a pic later.. It will have to be one huge pic post, but everyone loves pics right!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2nd baby doctor appt

I've had a very busy week, starting out with a cold! YAY! Luckily it only lasted one day. I have entered a clinical trial on how Folic Acid may help prevent preeclampsia. (They are hoping that it will prove effective so they can start helping women in 3rd world countries who lose their babies and sometimes their lives because of preeclampsia.) It's not as bad in north america as we know how to and can treat it well, however 3rd world countries do not have the necessary equipment needed incase the baby needs an early delivery. I am on an extra 4 mg of either folic acid or placebo pills. I will find out in 3 years which one I am on. I got to sort of hear the heart beat through that process (which was thursday) But the doppler sucked and would only stay on for 2-3 seconds. Its a pretty easy study, I take the pills, note when I take them and go in every trimester to get weighed, blood pressure checked, urine tested for protein and heart listened to.
I did get to see the birthing rooms which look awesome. Nice big and spacious! Nice chair for Jon to be in.
Friday I went to see Dr Leblanc, she is great. She had another student with her though.. He was not as personable as I would have prefered. He didnt talk much or joke around much. Very much all business. I almost told him to smile a little lol. I got to hear the heart beat, and recorded it for Jon to hear as he was at work and couldnt come to this appt. The heart beat was between 145-150. They havnt started measuring my belly yet. They again reitterated that they are going to try at all measures for me to have a vaginal birth!
I did ask Dr Leblanc about if I need a cecerian for it to be a natural c-section. She had never heard of it so she is going to look it up. I found about it from pregtastic! (great site for preggo women) link to it is So hopefully it will be an option.
That is all the news from the world of baby. We're having a few ppl over this weekend for the super bowl. I'm on vacation this week for a very much needed break!