Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy weekend ahead

I have a super busy weekend ahead of me. We were suppose to go to a meet and greet with Ryan Hurst (Opie from SOA) however due to a delay on set of his new show he was not able to make a flight in time to get into Moncton for the start of the meet and greet :( This is sad cause I was really looking forward to a night out representing the Ride For Dad. However we still have a sitter so the hubby and I will still be going out on a date. We need to go out to our buddy's house and pick up his bike for Saturday morning because its Ride For Dad day! I love ride for dad day, it's such a great fundraiser. It touches very closely to our hearts this year as a family member is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.
Jon started going to it last year and had so much fun, I was 8 months preggo so I was not a passenger, this year I have a 10 month old so I will also not be a passenger. I will go to the morning breakfast to see the CAV family then hit up a local consignment sale for baby gear. Alexander needs clothes. I thought he had a ton of 6-9 months stuff however went through the box and its all older (9-12 or 12+) or its all winter stuff. Alexander did not grow as fast as most babies.
Then after the consignment sale we need to pack up and head to Amherst for our reception! I am going in the afternoon to decorate the hall.
Here are our centre pieces! I loooove how they turned out:
And our fancy little favor boxes:

We also have the grooms tux I just don't have pics of it.
In our wine bottles we will be putting crazy daisies. I wanted to put in Daisy's as a way to honor our dear daisy doo :( We miss her so much. I seen these at the super store and HAD to get them. It's very fitting as she most certainly was a crazy beagle!.

Then after a night of partying with family and friends we will be spending the night at Jon's parents (so they can play with Alexander) then boot it home Sunday for a fantastic little boy's first birthday party! I hope the sun stays out for it because we're going to set up my kiddy pool at his place for a baby pool party. I can't wait for the pics from that! I'm sure I'll have a post FULL of pictures from this weekend sometime next week. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus it's the end of our never ending wedding HAHA! Seriously we got married in November!
It's been a busy work week with trying to get everything set for the reception and a bunch of other running around. Alexander has been going through something that's made him a bit whiney, I think it's either teething or growing pains. Tylenol usually fixes him for a bit last night he was up every 4 hours :( Mama is very tired today. Dad was also very tired as he now gets up to take Alexander to me when he wakes in the middle of the night. I know last night was not because he wanted to nurse because he was just happy to lay on my chest so something else was going on.
I hope he does well with his baby sitter tomorrow night. We left him with Jon's parents lasts week but he's semi use to them so I'm hoping if Amy comes over early before our "date" he'll warm up and be fine with her too.
Tomorrow I need to pick up pictures, put a few more pictures on our wine bottles and put another coat of paint on or guest books. Plus we have a play date. I'm hoping my wedding dress still fits me cause I've put on 5 lbs somewhere since November, hopefully its my thighs lol they wont change the fit of the dress. We'll find out tomorrow Kim and I are going to try it on! She also gets a final fitting of her dress for her reception. We really need to have someone to take a pic of both of us in our dresses!
On the weight side of things.. everything is pretty much the same. This week my diet has been mediocre. Most meals were really good but the snacks were not.. Packing favor boxes with chocolates meant lots of chocolates for the packer lol. Oopsie! Maybe next week will be better.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Kick start to healthy

I'm just finishing up day 5 of my 5 day weekend. Yes I did just get of maternity leave and yes I took 2 days of vacation already. Jon had an Atlantic meeting for the CAV he had to attend and escort members from other branches to so he had to be free Thursday and Friday night, so I took them off.
Saturday night we attended a wedding of two of the CAV members Art and Deb. I gotta say it's pretty cool to see the motorcycle escort around Moncton! They really are a great group of people. We are quickly being welcomed into the family. They all love Alexander and treat us all so well. I can't wait til I can get patched in! It's just waiting for me to be able to afford the vest and fee. :)

Sunday they finished the weekend of meetings with a tour of Hopewell Rocks and meeting with a few of the local veterans. They met one fellow who is 102 years young and was part of a few wars. While he was doing that I made a turkey supper (YUMM). Today was mostly being lazy and spending family time. We went for a drive in the wet cold rain. Luckily it was not a motorcycle ride.
We did take Alexander out to crooked creek, which is also where Jon and I went on our first date! Who knew 4.5 years later we would be married with a baby!
We are having our final wedding reception in 2 weeks so this weekend I finally decided what I'm doing for my centre pieces and started our canvas guest books. I will post pictures of the guest books when I'm done of them.
And the reason for my blog title today is that I finally took a step and signed up for Jillian Michael's online. I'm not sure if it will be worth it just yet however I am giving it a shot. Her site is very confusing so I'm hoping that one of the members there can help me navigate through. I also have not had much time to sit down and explore but I will do that at work this week. Jon and I have committed to each other to help each other lose weight and get in shape this year. It's something that's very important to both of us since we have Alexander's future to be concerned about. I am going to get some "before" pictures and post those as well and post monthly weight loss updates. Weekly is to discouraging. I'll be weighing in weekly with the site but will do a monthly update on this blog.
One more thing I wanted to touch on is Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. I am so happy that she took the steps that may prevent her and her family so much pain. Not only if lord forbid she did get cancer and pass away from it but the pain of going through cancer treatments. I applaud her courage and openness and am thankful that women everywhere have a positive role model. Jon and I discussed it and if I ever tested positive for that gene it would be a huge consideration of also getting a double mastectomy. I do not want to leave my boys and I do not want them to have to deal with the cancer treatments and possibly losing me. Cancer and chemo and radiation is a horrible thing to watch anyone to go through. I pray it is something we will never have to experience. He said if it was something I chose to do he would support me in every way. I am going to be 35 in October, time to start getting a little squishing done!
So my question is.. How many of you would consider a double mastectomy as a preventative measure to decrease your risk of cancer?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Long time no update

So the 21 day thing didnt work lol. I'm not very good at making new habits. I'm hoping now that I'm back to work it will work a bit better.
So what has changed since last update.. Well the biggest is that I'm back to work. It's hard. Jon is working 7am-330pm and I'm working 5pm to 130 am. Which means we see each other while passing the baby from me to him and on weekends. It also means that I work til 130 am get home and in bed by 2 and am up by 6. Jon's alarm goes off at 6 and if he leaves it on to long it wakes the baby and then I need to get up with him as he does not settle easily. IF I'm lucky I'll get 4 hours of sleep. I do nap when he naps. which is generally 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I usually skip the afternoon nap as I have to do house work and prepare meals and what not. It is difficult however I will adjust. I'm sure by the time I do he's going to change up his nap time and mess me all up. But it is what it is. We are doing this for Alexander. For our family. Hopefully it will only be for a year, 2 at most.
I also have bought a new Dodge Journey.. It's copperand its BEAUTIFUL! I love it!! It's so nice to have a new vehicle. It's not a used its a 2013 journey. I love driving it around. It's so much nicer then my old 2000 2 door sunfire. It's got so much room. It's great for Alexander. A lot easier to get him in and out of that. He also now has his own mirror. When I had the sunfire it didn't have a head rest in the back seat so I couldn't put a mirror in for him so now he gets to admire himself while we're driving around.
My weight I'm still struggling with. I'm hoping once I get balance between house work and working again and lack of sleep (IE more coffee) that it too will start to fall into place.
I'm going to post my before picture and give it a really good honest go at losing weight. I thought I was but I am not so sure I was. Obviously I wasn't because I havnt lost any weight. I still bounce between 242 and 245 :( Which depresses me a bit. However since returning to work I am getting a bit more energy and am generally over all happier. So fingers crossed over the summer I'll drop atleast 20 lbs. That is my goal by the end of August to be down 20 lbs :D wish me luck!
So yea.. that's what's been happening in my life over the last month. Oh and I'm trying to decide on centre pieces for our reception which is in 15 days.. Yeah I'm slacking a bit. I have an idea and as soon as I figure it out it will only take a day to do so it's not something that needs a huge rush.
I'm just curious if anyone (who's still reading) is part of any online forum or has any inspirational weight loss blogs they visit. I'd love to know some good blogs and forums for support while losing weight.

Quick picture update

It's been a while I'm going to do a picture update right now but will write an actual post later tonight! So here are some pictures of the most amazing little boy ever!