Friday, April 27, 2012

Losing a family member

I got home from work Wednesday night to find out my 16 year old tabby cat was hit by a car and had a broken leg. We called the vet and they said that due to her age surgery was very very risky. I then explained she was a very tiny cat barely weighing 5 lbs. She has been like that for years. The vet explained that was even riskier, that before they would do surgery they would have to put her through a battery of blood test to ensure all her inner workings were working like they should, then if they could, they would try to repair her leg. They would need to put pins in her leg, if it could be repaired, and that she would need to wear a cast for weeks to try to heal it, if it could heal and there was no guarantee it would heal properly. So we made the difficult decision to not put her through the pain and agony and put her to sleep instead.

Jake is a beloved family member. She had a very particular personality. When I first came into their life she would attack at a moments notice. You could only pet her head and you dare not pick her up. It took me about 3 months to pick her up. Over the last 3 and a half years she has become a very loving always around cat where I would always pick her up and pet her head and back. She was such a funny cat. One of my favorite stories is the one where she knocked over the bucket of chicken while Jon and I were at work, and her and the other two feasted on chicken breasts and legs.

She was always stealing food as she was always ready to eat. She would steal chicken wings from Jon's plate, cheese, any kind of meat, and my personal favorite bean sprouts, lettuce, onions and other random veggies. She was not a huge fan of mushrooms.

She talked al ot. Every time I went to the washroom she would run in and jump on the bathroom counter and meow at me til I bent my head down and she would give my hair licks. She has just recently gotten into the habit of licking my arm. She would annoy the life out of me with the insistent meowing all hours of the day. Last week when we found out the baby was small and might have to be taken out early I was upset. When I got home she didn't leave my side either laying right beside me or on my belly.

Her last night with us she was laying in on the bathroom mat, so I went in with her and she got up hobbled over and cuddled into my belly purring very loudly. It hurts that she won't get to meet Alexander, even if he would annoy her and piss her off. She was his sister. I have no stopped crying for two days. Leaving work early yesterday and not making it in today. It is incredible the amount of pain losing a pet well before their time causes. She was 16 but I am sure that she had at least another 5 years left in her. Actually probably another 10 just to spite us! Because that was her attitude.

We love you and miss you very much Jake. You will always live on in our hearts. XOXO

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby update

So things have gotten a little stressful for us. We went for a 27 week ultrasound last week and Alexander has dropped to the 7th percentile from the 19th percentile in size. It was a hell of a week. I researched a lot of stuff and found some very scary scenario's. Anything between the 10th and 90th percentile in size is normal. Anything below 10th is "abnormal". I was told if he gets to the 3rd percentile in size we have to look into taking him out. So here is my scenario as a mom in my head:

21 week ultrasound baby is at 19th percentile
17th week ultrasound baby is at 7th percentile.. over a 50% drop
Another ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks (and every 2 weeks the rest of my pregnancy) if in 6 weeks the baby has dropped over 50% in size in 2 weeks he could be down to the 3rd or 4th percentile easily.. Therefore leaving me to deliver at 30-31 weeks. Leaving a premature baby :(
BTW I have a very VERY active imagination.

Let me tell you there is nothing scarier then the what if's of pregnancy!!! It is a very stressful job to be growing a human being!

So yesterday I had my dr appt with my regular baby doctor Dr Leblanc and am able to breathe a lot easier right now. She told me not to worry about the percentile because the difference between 7th and 10th can be millimeters so it's really not a big deal. Also the fact that he was only in the 19th percentile to begin with and a drop to the 7th percentile isn't that major. She said he could be up to the 14th percentile next week on the scan. She said the main things to focus on is that he has good fluid, good blood flow through umbilical and good movement. She said they will try to keep him in until the 37th week. She also said that if the percentile drops again next week not to worry too much, as long as the 3 main things are good. She has had patients deliver at 37 weeks in the 3rd percentile and have a perfectly healthy 7 lb baby.

She said there is no soft markers for chromosomal defects on any of the ultrasounds so not to worry about that. She said we just have to see what next week brings. The only thing she recommended was iron supplements because I tested on the border. Also I do not have gestational diabetes. So right now.. we're assuming he is just a small baby because everything looks normal other wise.

Here's a cute little baby pic for viewing pleasures. Baby Alexander sucking on his umbilical cord!

Friday, April 6, 2012

25 week baby bump

What time is it?

Well it's 7 am.. and I've been up for an hour. I am now sitting at work EXHAUSTED and with a sore belly. I worked til 9:30 last night, then got home and was to happy to see Jon to fall asleep right away so went downstairs and cuddled him while we watched silly TV.
I love holiday shift bids that take you away from your normal shifts :S At least I'm off at 3:30 today! That will definitely be a treat.


So here is a conversation that happened between me and a co-worker the other day. He is aware I am 6 months pregnant BTW.

Greg: "If I was a girl and pregnant, and someone asked me when I was due I'd say what are you talking about? I'm not pregnant."
Me: "I'm not really getting asked that yet"
Greg: looks me up and down... "Is there even a baby in there?"

I laughed it off, mainly because I got a call right away, but it really hurt my feelings. I am fully aware I do not look pregnant.. However I definitely FEEL pregnant. I feel the baby kicking and moving. I get exhausted at the smallest of tasks. Doing dishes.. yeah then gotta take a break cause it wore me out. Going up stairs.. KILLER!! 15 minute walks.. take 25-30 minutes now. I am slower, I get more back pains, I have an alien moving around my belly doing gymnastics. Jon was a swimmer in his younger years, being a red cross swim teacher and life guard. I say all the time Alexander is taking after daddy and practicing his swim laps in my uterus. Swim, swim, swim, flip, turn, swim, swim, swim. It's frustrating the things people say sometimes.

Then there is the "oh the first one always takes time for the bump to appear" Well ya know what, I know of at least 5 other girls who are also on their first time pregnant.. Who are all due AFTER me.. Who have a cute little baby bump. Yeah.. that theory, doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Another favorite of mine is "Be thankful it hasn't appeared I would have loved to not have had such a big bump early on" Well ya know what.. 4-5 months was cool not to have a huge bump. Yes it is very nice to be able to sleep on my belly still. BUT I look fat, which I'm not.. I'm pregnant. There is a child in there. I also look lazy and out of shape because even though I don't look 6 months pregnant.. I AM!!! So I am slower at things. I get winded very easily, so walking up the stairs at work, not only am I slow at it but when I get to the top I am breathing heavy and it takes me about 5 minutes to catch my breath. So not really looking pregnant this means that I look like I put on a few lbs, and am out of shape. Which really really really bothers me. More then I can express this bothers me. The other thing about this is that I worry Alexander is not growing properly, not putting on enough weight. While his kicks are definitely getting stronger, and he has I still worry because he's not causing me a giant belly.

***END RANT***

Now don't get me wrong, I am not minding being pregnant. I love feeling him kick and flip. I am amazed when he kicks hard enough to startle me. To feel his little head and arms and legs and other body parts is awesome. When he makes my belly push way out and get right hard is the oddest weirdest most amazing feeling ever. When I go for a walk and I feel like I have a brick stuck to my belly because he moves forward and makes my belly all heavy and hard, reminds me I am pregnant and makes me feel great. I love that he has temporarily at least cured my lactose intolerance.. mmmm cheese... I love that my moods have stabilized and I'm not a broad spectrum of emotions. I am more stable now then ever. 95% of the time in a great, although tired mood. Like I said I can still sleep on my belly which is huge for me as I am very big on belly sleeping. I have always been a belly sleeper.

There is only 2 good things I can think of right now about not looking pregnant, no one randomly touches my belly. Which I have heard is a very annoying thing. #2 I am not getting much unwanted advise from people, as only those close to me, or who have over heard me talking to my close friends, know I'm pregnant. Most of the advise I am getting, I solicite, so I ask people who I look at as good parents and take their advise accordingly. It is nice asking for advise and opinions rather then being told it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 weeks of pictures!

Awesome bib we got Alexander!

Little guy's right hand.. Hello everyone!!

Jon and I with a friends baby and Daisy. Doesn't she look happy!

Callie through our March heat wave, smelling summer!

23 week baby bump


Another profile

Alexander's left foot.. I think it looks like frog legs.

Week 24

Well we are 24 weeks moving into our 25th week on Thursday. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy which is good I guess. I still have a very pathetic baby bump.. Everyone keeps promising me someday it will pop. I'm beginning to doubt it. The reason it concerns me is I'm afraid Alexander is not growing properly, not putting on enough weight etc. He is fantastic with his kicks and movements. I can now see him kicking my skin up which is awesome. Being able to not only feel it but see it. I had my baby doc appointment last Tuesday and the heart beat was good and strong 148-150 bmp. I was up 8 lbs. My baby doctor is very happy with that.

On the negative side our weather turned cold again, which makes it extremely difficult to get out and exercise. We did go to the sugar camps on Sunday and walked around for about 2 hours however since then I have not really done much exercise. Groceries yesterday and house cleaning today. Maybe tomorrow I'll get out or pop in my prenatal dvd. There are few days where I have an abundance of energy those days are usually saved for house cleaning or organizing.

Now that things are going to be moving along quicker I will try to update the blog. I have another ultra sound on April 18th. I have to do my diabetes test next week. I have one more monthly appointment with my doctor in April, then I move to bi-weekly appointments. Which will make me feel better as they will get to check the baby more often! Man I am such a worry wort! It's going to be an interesting year to state the obvious!

Going to post pics on another post because blogger is a pain to try to post an update and pictures in the update. :S