Friday, April 6, 2012

What time is it?

Well it's 7 am.. and I've been up for an hour. I am now sitting at work EXHAUSTED and with a sore belly. I worked til 9:30 last night, then got home and was to happy to see Jon to fall asleep right away so went downstairs and cuddled him while we watched silly TV.
I love holiday shift bids that take you away from your normal shifts :S At least I'm off at 3:30 today! That will definitely be a treat.


So here is a conversation that happened between me and a co-worker the other day. He is aware I am 6 months pregnant BTW.

Greg: "If I was a girl and pregnant, and someone asked me when I was due I'd say what are you talking about? I'm not pregnant."
Me: "I'm not really getting asked that yet"
Greg: looks me up and down... "Is there even a baby in there?"

I laughed it off, mainly because I got a call right away, but it really hurt my feelings. I am fully aware I do not look pregnant.. However I definitely FEEL pregnant. I feel the baby kicking and moving. I get exhausted at the smallest of tasks. Doing dishes.. yeah then gotta take a break cause it wore me out. Going up stairs.. KILLER!! 15 minute walks.. take 25-30 minutes now. I am slower, I get more back pains, I have an alien moving around my belly doing gymnastics. Jon was a swimmer in his younger years, being a red cross swim teacher and life guard. I say all the time Alexander is taking after daddy and practicing his swim laps in my uterus. Swim, swim, swim, flip, turn, swim, swim, swim. It's frustrating the things people say sometimes.

Then there is the "oh the first one always takes time for the bump to appear" Well ya know what, I know of at least 5 other girls who are also on their first time pregnant.. Who are all due AFTER me.. Who have a cute little baby bump. Yeah.. that theory, doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Another favorite of mine is "Be thankful it hasn't appeared I would have loved to not have had such a big bump early on" Well ya know what.. 4-5 months was cool not to have a huge bump. Yes it is very nice to be able to sleep on my belly still. BUT I look fat, which I'm not.. I'm pregnant. There is a child in there. I also look lazy and out of shape because even though I don't look 6 months pregnant.. I AM!!! So I am slower at things. I get winded very easily, so walking up the stairs at work, not only am I slow at it but when I get to the top I am breathing heavy and it takes me about 5 minutes to catch my breath. So not really looking pregnant this means that I look like I put on a few lbs, and am out of shape. Which really really really bothers me. More then I can express this bothers me. The other thing about this is that I worry Alexander is not growing properly, not putting on enough weight. While his kicks are definitely getting stronger, and he has I still worry because he's not causing me a giant belly.

***END RANT***

Now don't get me wrong, I am not minding being pregnant. I love feeling him kick and flip. I am amazed when he kicks hard enough to startle me. To feel his little head and arms and legs and other body parts is awesome. When he makes my belly push way out and get right hard is the oddest weirdest most amazing feeling ever. When I go for a walk and I feel like I have a brick stuck to my belly because he moves forward and makes my belly all heavy and hard, reminds me I am pregnant and makes me feel great. I love that he has temporarily at least cured my lactose intolerance.. mmmm cheese... I love that my moods have stabilized and I'm not a broad spectrum of emotions. I am more stable now then ever. 95% of the time in a great, although tired mood. Like I said I can still sleep on my belly which is huge for me as I am very big on belly sleeping. I have always been a belly sleeper.

There is only 2 good things I can think of right now about not looking pregnant, no one randomly touches my belly. Which I have heard is a very annoying thing. #2 I am not getting much unwanted advise from people, as only those close to me, or who have over heard me talking to my close friends, know I'm pregnant. Most of the advise I am getting, I solicite, so I ask people who I look at as good parents and take their advise accordingly. It is nice asking for advise and opinions rather then being told it.

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