Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 24

Well we are 24 weeks moving into our 25th week on Thursday. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy which is good I guess. I still have a very pathetic baby bump.. Everyone keeps promising me someday it will pop. I'm beginning to doubt it. The reason it concerns me is I'm afraid Alexander is not growing properly, not putting on enough weight etc. He is fantastic with his kicks and movements. I can now see him kicking my skin up which is awesome. Being able to not only feel it but see it. I had my baby doc appointment last Tuesday and the heart beat was good and strong 148-150 bmp. I was up 8 lbs. My baby doctor is very happy with that.

On the negative side our weather turned cold again, which makes it extremely difficult to get out and exercise. We did go to the sugar camps on Sunday and walked around for about 2 hours however since then I have not really done much exercise. Groceries yesterday and house cleaning today. Maybe tomorrow I'll get out or pop in my prenatal dvd. There are few days where I have an abundance of energy those days are usually saved for house cleaning or organizing.

Now that things are going to be moving along quicker I will try to update the blog. I have another ultra sound on April 18th. I have to do my diabetes test next week. I have one more monthly appointment with my doctor in April, then I move to bi-weekly appointments. Which will make me feel better as they will get to check the baby more often! Man I am such a worry wort! It's going to be an interesting year to state the obvious!

Going to post pics on another post because blogger is a pain to try to post an update and pictures in the update. :S

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