Friday, April 27, 2012

Losing a family member

I got home from work Wednesday night to find out my 16 year old tabby cat was hit by a car and had a broken leg. We called the vet and they said that due to her age surgery was very very risky. I then explained she was a very tiny cat barely weighing 5 lbs. She has been like that for years. The vet explained that was even riskier, that before they would do surgery they would have to put her through a battery of blood test to ensure all her inner workings were working like they should, then if they could, they would try to repair her leg. They would need to put pins in her leg, if it could be repaired, and that she would need to wear a cast for weeks to try to heal it, if it could heal and there was no guarantee it would heal properly. So we made the difficult decision to not put her through the pain and agony and put her to sleep instead.

Jake is a beloved family member. She had a very particular personality. When I first came into their life she would attack at a moments notice. You could only pet her head and you dare not pick her up. It took me about 3 months to pick her up. Over the last 3 and a half years she has become a very loving always around cat where I would always pick her up and pet her head and back. She was such a funny cat. One of my favorite stories is the one where she knocked over the bucket of chicken while Jon and I were at work, and her and the other two feasted on chicken breasts and legs.

She was always stealing food as she was always ready to eat. She would steal chicken wings from Jon's plate, cheese, any kind of meat, and my personal favorite bean sprouts, lettuce, onions and other random veggies. She was not a huge fan of mushrooms.

She talked al ot. Every time I went to the washroom she would run in and jump on the bathroom counter and meow at me til I bent my head down and she would give my hair licks. She has just recently gotten into the habit of licking my arm. She would annoy the life out of me with the insistent meowing all hours of the day. Last week when we found out the baby was small and might have to be taken out early I was upset. When I got home she didn't leave my side either laying right beside me or on my belly.

Her last night with us she was laying in on the bathroom mat, so I went in with her and she got up hobbled over and cuddled into my belly purring very loudly. It hurts that she won't get to meet Alexander, even if he would annoy her and piss her off. She was his sister. I have no stopped crying for two days. Leaving work early yesterday and not making it in today. It is incredible the amount of pain losing a pet well before their time causes. She was 16 but I am sure that she had at least another 5 years left in her. Actually probably another 10 just to spite us! Because that was her attitude.

We love you and miss you very much Jake. You will always live on in our hearts. XOXO

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