Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby update

So things have gotten a little stressful for us. We went for a 27 week ultrasound last week and Alexander has dropped to the 7th percentile from the 19th percentile in size. It was a hell of a week. I researched a lot of stuff and found some very scary scenario's. Anything between the 10th and 90th percentile in size is normal. Anything below 10th is "abnormal". I was told if he gets to the 3rd percentile in size we have to look into taking him out. So here is my scenario as a mom in my head:

21 week ultrasound baby is at 19th percentile
17th week ultrasound baby is at 7th percentile.. over a 50% drop
Another ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks (and every 2 weeks the rest of my pregnancy) if in 6 weeks the baby has dropped over 50% in size in 2 weeks he could be down to the 3rd or 4th percentile easily.. Therefore leaving me to deliver at 30-31 weeks. Leaving a premature baby :(
BTW I have a very VERY active imagination.

Let me tell you there is nothing scarier then the what if's of pregnancy!!! It is a very stressful job to be growing a human being!

So yesterday I had my dr appt with my regular baby doctor Dr Leblanc and am able to breathe a lot easier right now. She told me not to worry about the percentile because the difference between 7th and 10th can be millimeters so it's really not a big deal. Also the fact that he was only in the 19th percentile to begin with and a drop to the 7th percentile isn't that major. She said he could be up to the 14th percentile next week on the scan. She said the main things to focus on is that he has good fluid, good blood flow through umbilical and good movement. She said they will try to keep him in until the 37th week. She also said that if the percentile drops again next week not to worry too much, as long as the 3 main things are good. She has had patients deliver at 37 weeks in the 3rd percentile and have a perfectly healthy 7 lb baby.

She said there is no soft markers for chromosomal defects on any of the ultrasounds so not to worry about that. She said we just have to see what next week brings. The only thing she recommended was iron supplements because I tested on the border. Also I do not have gestational diabetes. So right now.. we're assuming he is just a small baby because everything looks normal other wise.

Here's a cute little baby pic for viewing pleasures. Baby Alexander sucking on his umbilical cord!

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