Monday, May 20, 2013

Kick start to healthy

I'm just finishing up day 5 of my 5 day weekend. Yes I did just get of maternity leave and yes I took 2 days of vacation already. Jon had an Atlantic meeting for the CAV he had to attend and escort members from other branches to so he had to be free Thursday and Friday night, so I took them off.
Saturday night we attended a wedding of two of the CAV members Art and Deb. I gotta say it's pretty cool to see the motorcycle escort around Moncton! They really are a great group of people. We are quickly being welcomed into the family. They all love Alexander and treat us all so well. I can't wait til I can get patched in! It's just waiting for me to be able to afford the vest and fee. :)

Sunday they finished the weekend of meetings with a tour of Hopewell Rocks and meeting with a few of the local veterans. They met one fellow who is 102 years young and was part of a few wars. While he was doing that I made a turkey supper (YUMM). Today was mostly being lazy and spending family time. We went for a drive in the wet cold rain. Luckily it was not a motorcycle ride.
We did take Alexander out to crooked creek, which is also where Jon and I went on our first date! Who knew 4.5 years later we would be married with a baby!
We are having our final wedding reception in 2 weeks so this weekend I finally decided what I'm doing for my centre pieces and started our canvas guest books. I will post pictures of the guest books when I'm done of them.
And the reason for my blog title today is that I finally took a step and signed up for Jillian Michael's online. I'm not sure if it will be worth it just yet however I am giving it a shot. Her site is very confusing so I'm hoping that one of the members there can help me navigate through. I also have not had much time to sit down and explore but I will do that at work this week. Jon and I have committed to each other to help each other lose weight and get in shape this year. It's something that's very important to both of us since we have Alexander's future to be concerned about. I am going to get some "before" pictures and post those as well and post monthly weight loss updates. Weekly is to discouraging. I'll be weighing in weekly with the site but will do a monthly update on this blog.
One more thing I wanted to touch on is Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. I am so happy that she took the steps that may prevent her and her family so much pain. Not only if lord forbid she did get cancer and pass away from it but the pain of going through cancer treatments. I applaud her courage and openness and am thankful that women everywhere have a positive role model. Jon and I discussed it and if I ever tested positive for that gene it would be a huge consideration of also getting a double mastectomy. I do not want to leave my boys and I do not want them to have to deal with the cancer treatments and possibly losing me. Cancer and chemo and radiation is a horrible thing to watch anyone to go through. I pray it is something we will never have to experience. He said if it was something I chose to do he would support me in every way. I am going to be 35 in October, time to start getting a little squishing done!
So my question is.. How many of you would consider a double mastectomy as a preventative measure to decrease your risk of cancer?


  1. If I tested positive, I would definitely think about it. Can't say I would say no as I have my family to consider, and can't say I would say yes as there has been no breast or ovarian cancer on either side of my family.

    One thing that pisses me off about the coverage of this are the sites blasting her for getting it done. She watched her mother spend TEN years battling and dying from it, but they don't recognize that. I spent 2 years watching my grampie(who was my surro father) lose his mind from the pain meds and starve away from the nausea/chemo to only succumb and I know the mark it left on me.

    If I had that sort of history and experience, plus having a gaggle of small children, I would have them off in a heartbeat

  2. My dad's sister passed from breast cancer so it is in my family. I am not sure if the genetic testing is covered in Canada. I know it is not in the US and its 3000$ for the testing.