Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Long time no update

So the 21 day thing didnt work lol. I'm not very good at making new habits. I'm hoping now that I'm back to work it will work a bit better.
So what has changed since last update.. Well the biggest is that I'm back to work. It's hard. Jon is working 7am-330pm and I'm working 5pm to 130 am. Which means we see each other while passing the baby from me to him and on weekends. It also means that I work til 130 am get home and in bed by 2 and am up by 6. Jon's alarm goes off at 6 and if he leaves it on to long it wakes the baby and then I need to get up with him as he does not settle easily. IF I'm lucky I'll get 4 hours of sleep. I do nap when he naps. which is generally 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I usually skip the afternoon nap as I have to do house work and prepare meals and what not. It is difficult however I will adjust. I'm sure by the time I do he's going to change up his nap time and mess me all up. But it is what it is. We are doing this for Alexander. For our family. Hopefully it will only be for a year, 2 at most.
I also have bought a new Dodge Journey.. It's copperand its BEAUTIFUL! I love it!! It's so nice to have a new vehicle. It's not a used its a 2013 journey. I love driving it around. It's so much nicer then my old 2000 2 door sunfire. It's got so much room. It's great for Alexander. A lot easier to get him in and out of that. He also now has his own mirror. When I had the sunfire it didn't have a head rest in the back seat so I couldn't put a mirror in for him so now he gets to admire himself while we're driving around.
My weight I'm still struggling with. I'm hoping once I get balance between house work and working again and lack of sleep (IE more coffee) that it too will start to fall into place.
I'm going to post my before picture and give it a really good honest go at losing weight. I thought I was but I am not so sure I was. Obviously I wasn't because I havnt lost any weight. I still bounce between 242 and 245 :( Which depresses me a bit. However since returning to work I am getting a bit more energy and am generally over all happier. So fingers crossed over the summer I'll drop atleast 20 lbs. That is my goal by the end of August to be down 20 lbs :D wish me luck!
So yea.. that's what's been happening in my life over the last month. Oh and I'm trying to decide on centre pieces for our reception which is in 15 days.. Yeah I'm slacking a bit. I have an idea and as soon as I figure it out it will only take a day to do so it's not something that needs a huge rush.
I'm just curious if anyone (who's still reading) is part of any online forum or has any inspirational weight loss blogs they visit. I'd love to know some good blogs and forums for support while losing weight.

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