Monday, February 20, 2012


Well its official, I can now feel the baby move. This weekend when we would put our hands on our belly the baby would kick 4-5 times. Jon was all smiles. This morning I was relaxing surfing facebook and boom boom boom I got kicked!

It is a crazy amazing feeling. Then a few hours after that I felt it again. I gotta stay I got a little teary eyed! Its a very relaxing feeling knowing the baby is ok. Even if it only happens once a day, I'll be more then happy!

So I have a few different questions I'm not sure how many ppl come here, but if you do please weigh in.

1. What if any baby laundry soap do you recommend?

2. I have avent bottles (thank you Jennifer and Adam) and am not sure if I should get the 0 months or the 1 month nipples for it. I think the 0 month is really low flow, but also do not want to get the baby to get a flood of milk at 3 days old lol.

3. I have vacation booked for the end of may, like May 28th to June 1st. I am due July 19th. I want to get the nursery ready during this vacation.. Should I keep it, or move it up? If I move it up should I move it up 2 or 3 weeks?

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