Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Growing up I was a HUGE NKOTB fan.. Anyone else think this maybe NKOTB future generation?!?! hehe they are all so cute

Left to right: Jude, River, Alexander, Everett, Noah

My boy and his best buddies <3 they are an amazing bunch of boys with an awesome bunch of mommys!
I did ok today on the eating thing. No chips no pop.. had some ice cream I shared with Alexander and some chocolate chip cookies. I did not get any exercise in as I was busy with errands.
Here is a small rant regarding the vet.
We're going camping in 2 weeks and it will be in southern Nova Scotia where there is a large infest of ticks. We want to protect our dog Penny against ticks so we want to get the treatment for her. I called our usual money grubbing   vet and they said I needed to take her in to have the vet check her and give her the perscription. Vet visit 63$ perscription 20$ total cost 83$ plus tax. So I went to look for Advantex or front line at local stores, no luck so I stopped into another vet clinic in the area. Again was told vet visit (55$) and perscription (20$). So I spoke with my friend Tracey to where she gets her flea/tick medication. She said she's never needed a perscription. So I called the vet place she goes to.. Nope no vet visit needed, just needed to take her in to get weighed and they will give me the EXACT SAME medication I was told we needed a perscription for.. Seriously.. No wonder there is not proper pet care, some of the vets are just money grabbers. Had I not had a friend who I could ask her advise it'd cost us almost 100 bucks (after tax) now it's going to cost 20$. I now have a new vet and know two places I will not recommend to people.

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