Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation is over :(

La boo my 2 weeks vacation is over.. not cool :( I told Jon I wanted another baby so I could have another year off (so kidding.. sorta). We had a good vacation it was so nice to see him and spend time with him. I've missed him a lot. Our first week we just kinda hung out, went on a drive to St John area and then out to Amherst a couple of times. Family time was fun! Then we went camping with his brother and his wife. They have 2 little kids who Alexander ADORES! He thinks the world of them and they love him just as much. We took Alexander swimming a few times which was fun. I have realized though I am NOT a 5 day camping person. I believe our vacation next year should be spent in a hotel. With a working bathroom (3 out of 5 mornings the toilets by our campsite was closed!!) A hot shower (showers 5 minute drive away from our site) and lots of room. 2 adults a play pen and a dog crate in the tenting trailer leaves very little space. I told the husband if we get a camper we are getting a full size camper with slides! Not a tenting trailer. But generally the vacation was awesome. We went hiking, swimming in the lake, visited Port royal and upper clements park. We had campfires every night (mmmm roasted marshmallows) So I went cold turkey on junk food. No more pop, chips or sweets. I'm going to go back to my after bypass diet (what I can remember of it anyways) I'm very determined to get this weight off. I'm starting off 10 minutes a day exercise commitment I'll try my hardest to get atleast 10 minutes every day of exercise in. My weight was 252.4 this morning. It's a start. This week is a pretty relaxed week ahead I have to get an oil change tomorrow and take penny to the vet for a booster but other then that the rest of the week is opened. YAY! Hopefully I'll get out for a walk. Jon and I went for an hour walk yesterday around Moncton. It was nice til we went to sit out on a patio for supper at a local restaurant. We had Penny with us. Their patio was on the sidewalk, we were told (which ppl have to walk through even with their pets to get by the restaurant) that we could not have penny on the "patio" she had to be on the other side of the fence (right beside the cars in the direct sun.) Penny is a black dog. Putting her in the sun for an hour plus is not a good idea. We left. It's very sad how undogfriendly Moncton is. :( I'd love it if they had more outside areas that allowed dogs. hmmm that's about all that's been happening the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll find time to post again tomorrow.

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