Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A day in my life

So I discovered today I'm actually a super busy person. I do a lot in my day. I am always tired :S blah maybe someday I'll work normal shifts. I thought I'd tell you about my day.  
8 am - wake up 
8-8:30am - feed Alexander and Penny 
8:30-9am - get breakfast (egg sandwich and coffee) 
9-10am - play time 
10/10:30am - Alexander down for a nap 
10:30-11am - treamill (this is new starting today) 
11-11:30am - shower and Alexander usually wakes from his nap 
11:30-12:30pm - play time 
12:30pm - give Alexander dinner
 1 pm - make myself dinner 
1-3pm - play time random cleaning dishes, laundry cleaning the living room 
3-4pm - get Jon's supper/work lunch/breakfast for the next day ready get my work supper ready 
4-4:15pm - time with Jon 
4:15pm - leave for work 
5pm-1:30am - work 
2am - bed time 

 Then I'll do it all again tomorrow. I did do groceries so playtime got turned into "what's that" time at the grocery store.. Alexander's new favorite saying. Last week was pretty much the same except from 10-1130 I'd nap with Alexander. I've bought a treadmill in hopes of getting into shape again!

 So here's a great story for the day. I got a really nice roast beef for supper. Made it for Jon with potatoes and carrots. He sat down to eat some, then he went back for 2nd's and while he was eating he noticed the dog was not beside him, AND she was quiet.. (can you guess where this story is going) She had gotten up on the counter (he did not push the plate back far enough) took the roast off the plate and ate the rest of it.. that's over 1/2 of a giant roast.. Yeah.. so no roast for me for tomorrow's lunch.. Boo.. I love roast beef.. 

 And this just in looks like play date on friday.. So excited!!

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