Friday, January 27, 2012


Well, if you're here you already know Jonathan and I are having a baby!
We are 15 weeks pregnant and will be popping out a youngin around July 19Th (hopefully before .. I do not want to go overdue!) This came as quite a surprise to us as we thought all 2012 would bring us would be our wedding in November. Yes.. November so we will have a baby mid July and a wedding mid November.

I had a very rough start to the pregnancy. I was nauseous (learned quickly how to spell that properly) 24 hours a day from about a week after we found out until sometime in January so roughly 6-7 weeks. I lost weight, I worried I wasn't providing for the baby, I had no energy. I slept anytime I wasn't at work and ate very very little. But all is good, baby is growing and my nausea is now gone!

Two major bonuses to the pregnancy, I am no longer lactose intolerant (bring on the cream cheese smothered bagels) and my mood has completely stabilized! Both of which I am extremely gratefully for. One thing I'm not to overly fond of is that fact that I have lost my sweet tooth :( This makes me extra sad. Jon realized how much I'm not liking sweets when we still had Christmas chocolates in the house last weekend. Still do actually 2 boxes unopened willow crisps. Also another odd symptom is when the cold hits me my knee caps and ankles ache.. and I mean ACHE!!!! I had to take an Epsom salt bath yesterday with two Tylenol to make the pain tolerable!

I have gotten TONS of advise (wanted or not). Mostly good, some made me go hmmmmm (things that make you go hmmm) I've really enjoyed reading "whats baby up to" on my iphone app. This week our flutterbye can hear, so it suggests singing to the baby.. Jon suggests me NOT singing to the baby.. For some reason Jon does not appreciate my singing voice..

My belly is starting to stick out a bit. I have not gained any weight yet, even though I am not eating the best. I have lost my love for my beloved salad :( This makes me very sad. I hope it will come back soon. I miss my chicken salad! I am hoping now that I am getting a bit of energy back, since my shift change that I will also get a bit of energy to make more healthy meals.

I will post baby belly pictures soon. :) and an ultrasound pic.

So welcome, and enjoy the next 6 months of my journey!!!

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