Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting closer

Well we are definitely getting closer to the big day. 6 weeks and 2 days until Alexander's due date. We have pretty much everything done for him. The nursery is 99% finished, we just need one more changing table which I believe my brother in law is delivering June 11th. I am having my first baby shower this coming sunday. I will be having 3, one for my friends here in Moncton, one for my in law family in Amherst and one for my family on PEI. Both the Amherst and PEI one will be after baby arrives so everyone can meet him. I'm excited for them all!!
We have started our weekly biophysical profile ultrasounds. Everything looks fantastic. He always passes his non stress test within 5 minutes.. We have an active little fella, we also get weekly ultrasound pics :) I love the 3d pics we get to see his cute little face. He is growing fantastically, up into the 31st percentile for his GA. Weighing in at 4 lbs and 4oz last week! They said if he gains the normal half pound per week he will be about a 7lb 5 oz baby by the time he is done baking.. She said that's a little under average. I'm thinking for where that needs to come out of he is perfectly fine at that weight!
We have our baby bag packed for the hospital and my bag is packed as well. All ready and set to go.. However I would like him to stay in there until July 6th. Anytime after that I'm good for him to come! I begin my maternity leave on July 6th.
I am noticing my exhaustion is coming back in full force, which is not fair because now is when all the appointments are. I go to some form of appointment/class/event every week from now til the baby is born. In the next 9 days 7 of those are filled with appointments or classes or events. (baby shower and the United way day of caring)
It's going to be very hectic and very tiring. Just when you need energy because your sore and achy feeling gigantic and walking funny, you start to get worn out and tired and can't live off caffine. 6 more weeks.. hopefully!

And for your viewing pleasure here's another pic of our little angel! :)

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