Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well one month from today is little Alexander's due date. While month 5.5-8 went very quickly I find time is really slowing down now! Even though I'm busier then ever with different classes, appointments, events and what not time is going slow. Some days seem to fly by but the weeks are creeping. It feels like I've been stuck on the 5 weeks left for the past 3 weeks!  I officially have 4 weeks and 2 days left til my due date. I can't wait to hold our little boy in my arms. The last two ultrasounds I've had he was doing fantastic and I got to see him yawn! Once in 2d and once in 3d.. It was so cool, makes him seem a little more real!
I had my first baby shower a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun. I have a fantastic group of friends here who made it very special and memorable... Even the game "bath the baby" Yes they took a real baby, with his bath tub and got me to give him a bath. Luckily he was a great sport.. I showed Jon the pictures, he asked what I was doing to the baby, I told him giving him a bath.. His response was.. you'll get better at that right?! PSHT!!! I'd like to see him to better.. He has a diaper party this weekend, I should get the baby and make him change his diaper! HMMM maybe I can convince Rebecca to stop by with baby Matias... :D :D
Last week baby Alexander was 5 lbs and 2 oz according to the ultrasound, they said he is right on track to being a 7.5 lb baby. He is growing fantastically :D His heart is great, his kidneys, belly, everything is going so well. Such a huge relief since no one really knows the ins and outs of it and how its going to affect the baby's growth. The neuro can only give his opinion. But the same with every pregnancy they can only give their opinions on how the baby grows. Perfectly healthy ppl can have sick babies. So far though all seems great!
I'm getting excited to give birth to him. To see him, to see Jon with him. He is definitely going to be a very loved child.
We have done 3 of the 4 classes we're scheduled for so far. They were all very interesting and a great learning experience. I learned to ask for the epi ASAP especially if its getting close to 4pm as after 4pm there is only one anesthetist. And if he asks if I read the yellow form, ALWAYS tell him yes. Other wise he will walk out the door! We learned about child seat safety, how the child is born, different areas in the hospital, how to feed the kid. My first class I took 3 pages of notes!!! It made me feel a lot more secure and prepared to look after this precious little angel :)
I've also realized a lot of my anxiety is coming from outside sources not from my inner feelings towards labor, delivery, and the first few weeks of this child's life. So my goal for the next 4 weeks and 2 days is to block out every ones "advise" and "experiences" and go with my gut instincts and feelings towards it all. :D Best way to go for us I believe.
Now time for a few pictures:

Baby shower cake

 Daisy believes these blankets belong to her

 My Alexander's Winnie the Pooh from Tracey and Josh

 Bathing baby Matias (he was more interested in splashing the water in the tub)

 35 week baby belly :D

 And for cuteness factor Daisy and Callie hanging with mommy!

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