Sunday, July 15, 2012

4 more days

Well, it's been a while. I now have 4 days until my due date. I wish it were closer. I wish he was here now. I am getting tired and sore. I never knew my joints would ache so much! All my joints not just my pelvis. Who knew your elbows could ache.. really?!?! But we are ready for him. I am more then ready for him I'd love to be going into labor now.

I had my 39 week appt Thursday. Everything was fine, I have another ultrasound Monday and then my 40 week dr appt on Thursday July 19th.. My due date. She said she will strip my membrane then if I make it to then. Which I have a feeling I will. I have had very few contractions, maybe 5 all together over the last month.

These things ppl say are braxton hicks, I'm not sure if I'm having those or i its just the baby moving. I'm not feeling any intense pain. I dont even know if I am having "mild" contractions. I do get some cramping but its a constant feeling, nothing that comes and goes. I start cramping and will feel that way for about 10-15 minutes then it goes away for the rest of the day.. Who know?!?! I did start taking evening primrose oil tablets yesterday.. figured it can't hurt. Its a natural suppliment and won't hurt the baby so all should be good. I havn't really nested. There is lots I want done around the house, but its stuff I can not do. I can not move the furniture, well I could but it probably wouldnt be suggested. Anything I can do I have been doing.

Today I woke up at 3 am and its now 4:47 and I am still awake. I tried reading, it made me yawn but did not make me tired, as soon as I turned off the light to go back to sleep I was wide awake again. I got up and ate a bowl of cheerios. Surfed the net a bit. I am just now starting to yawn and feel a bit sleepy so hopefully it means I'll get tired enough to sleep soon.

Alexander has been as active as ever through it all sometimes more so! It's kinda crazy to feel him moving around so much. Although I'm not a huge fan of when he gets on nerves that either make my legs go numb or sends shocks through my body! He is fully engaged (his head is tight in my pelvis) so now its just for him to decide he wants to come out. We want him out! More so me I think then Daddy. Although Daddy is pretty excited to have him out! He can't wait to hold him and see him and touch him! Jon's gonna make a great dad!

Tracey and I went shopping for her brides maid dress this week. We went to the same bridal store as where I got my dress. The lady was shocked I was 8 days from my due date LOL she said she never really would have guessed I was pregnant! I now enjoy telling ppl I am only days away from my due date to see the shock on their face as I still do not really look pregnant. Atleast not 9 months pregnant.

Well my eye lids appear to be starting to droop.. so I think I'll try to go back to bed for a few hours.. Hopefully...

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