Monday, June 3, 2013

Saturday June 1st

Little boy wakes up
We have a bottle
Then he gets in his exersaucer and watches cartoons while mommy eats breakfast

Then we get some baby cereal 

This is how he tells me he is done.. Standing up

Try to leave the house, and the cat decides she needs to go outside

All packed in the SUV.

Quick stop for coffee

Stop at Ride for Dad

See daddy

Stop by to see Pepper (we love pepper)

I love peppers CAV vest

Got my Ride for Dad magnet.. Just an FYI the back bumper and back door of a Dodge Journey is ALL plastic.

Stop at Consignsment sale

We love shopping

Best find of the sale!

All pooped after shopping

Packed for Amherst

Reception flowers

Reception hall

Grampie entertaining the grand kids

Centre pieces

Photo Table

Trying to get Alexander to take a nap

After this I went and got my dress on and went to the hall for our reception. It was awesome and I had a blast! My day was much easier then my husbands who had to lift a motorcycle onto the back of a pick up due to a rider collapsing and being stuck in terential downpour of rain. This down pour made his front wheel come off the ground while driving!!

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