Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As predicted

As predicted I stayed the same in my weight this week. 243.2. I guess it's better then going up right? I did not get much exercise last week so I was not expecting much. I believe tomorrow I shall try to embark on Jillian Michael's dvd to see if I can do it how much weight it will help me lose in a week!
Yesterday was baby play date. Once upon a time baby play dates were like this :
Now we have a few less babies and its more like this:

Sheer chaos! it's so hard to get them all lined up now to get pictures. But they are even more adorable now playing!
Alexander has been cutting his first tooth so last night was rough. He went down at 8 and was up at 2:30 and again at 5:30. When he got up at 5:30 he was awake for an hour! I had to take him into our bed for a bit to get him to go down to sleep. Even then he was only down til 8 :( but we had a good day he was in a fantastic mood all day. He had a good 2 hour nap this morning (mommy did too) then we went shopping and for a walk to the park. It was his first time at the park. They have an awesome baby swing there. There was a chilly wind blowing so we only stayed for 10 minutes but we did capture it on video for his dad and grandparents to see. Alexander on the swing for the first time.
I am a firm believe in the power of positive thinking. However when your exhausted 99% of the time.. being a positive thinker is hard work. But my goal for the next week is to use positivity and look on the great side of things and see how much weight I can lose and what positive forces I can bring into my reality. My goal will be a lofty one. I'd like to get out of the 240's and into the 230's so My goal will be to lose at least 3.3 lbs! I KNOW it's possible and I can definitely do it!
A lot of my friends had a very big week last week. Two of them had babies, a little boy and a little girl and another couple of friends got married. Busy new beginnings all around! There has been soooo many babies this past year and a half. It's kinda insane. I'm sure we're up into the 40's with all the babies we know that have been born since January 2012.
I'm not a huge fan of the terrible stuff in the news, mass murders, bombings, threats, kidnappings and a number of other horrible stuff that goes on around the world every day. I often wish they had a news channel that would only report the good in the world. However I will say my heart goes out to all the people in Boston yesterday. It was a horrible event and I hope with all my heart those victims can heal quickly from what they witnessed and lived through.

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