Monday, April 1, 2013

Maple cream!

So yesterday Jon and I went to the sugar camp. It was great the weather was nice and it wasn't to busy. We were expecting it to be insane. I love going to the sugar camp. We only bought some maple cream as we already have to large bottles of maple syrup from Jon's uncle. He taps his maple trees on the lot and makes his own maple syrup. We did give Alexander a little taste of the maple taffy. I figure it's an all natural thing and its better then giving him chocolate. Plus we just tapped the taffy to his lips so its not like we gave him a ton. He also got the maple taffy stick after we had cleaned it off. I think he just liked chewing on the stick.

Today I decided to take one of the bottles and boil it off to maple cream. It is awesome. You boil the syrup to 240 degrees. Then put it in a cold bath.
Then you stir it.. and stir and stir and stir:
Eventually it turns into this:

It did turn out kind of softer then what we wanted so next time I'd boil it for about 5-10 minutes after we hit the temperature to boil off more of the water but it is super yummy!
After the sugar camp last night I went to my Zumba class. It was a toning class. I rocked the class out cause at the end I was drenched in sweat! Totally worth it though. When I come back from class I feel so inspired to work out regularly and eat healthy. I really need to force myself to be more active and force myself out side of my current comfort zone. I'm hoping we'll have some sunny days this week for me to get out and walk with Alexander outside. It's so great for him to be in the fresh air and for his mommy to get in exercise!
I have a wedding reception that I need to fit into my wedding dress for June 1st. I was about 10 lbs lighter in November :S damn weight. So I have made a decision to work toward a 20 lb weight goal by the end of summer. Anything above that is gravy I'll be ecstatic if I can drop the 20 lbs by August 31st. It's really important for me to lose the weight a healthy way so that I will keep it off. I can lose it but its important for me to lose it and keep it off. My ultimate goal is 70 lbs but I'll start off in slow increments. 
Have you ever had maple cream? Do you want maple cream now?

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