Monday, April 22, 2013

The Future

So last week was a bit of a hectic week, and a weekend to start our super busy weekends!. We got some fantastic news on Friday. We are pre-approved for a Mortgage so as soon as we can get a down payment gathered up we'll be purchasing our first house. Hopefully it will be sometime next year. We're looking at getting a house around 150-160 so we'll need to get 5% of that. We are having a wedding reception June 1st and all that money will be locked into our savings account to get that built up ASAP! But great news I have fantastic credit! I will be going to the Chrysler dealership once I get my first pay and getting a new 2013 Dodge Journey.. I think.. We're trying to decide between a lovely spacious Dodge Journey or a Smaller compact Honda Fit.. Which will be more spacious then my current 2 door sun fire, but not as grand as a Journey. The price tag for the Fit is nicer as well it's nicer on gas. However with a baby and a stroller and shopping and a dog in the future.. a Journey seems slightly more appealing. (PS don't tell the hubby but I like the "controls" of the Journey better. The pretty light up screen, the dual climate control, the touch screen control.. all so "techy" and modern) He claims that's not a reason to get the Journey. However it seemed like a perfectly find reason when I was trying to decide between a SUV and a van.. I am going to take the Fit for a test drive and see how much I like it.
Hmm what else has happened this week/weekend. I know there was a lot. Oh yes... Is there any Son's of Anarchy fans out there?!?! (I'm not a fan I've only ever watched 1 episode and bits and pieces here and there however hubby is a HUGE fan) Jon is a member of the CAV bike gang. Basically it's civilians who help integrate Veterans back into normal life once they are home from war. Anyways Opie, from SOA is going to be in Moncton for 2 nights hosting a meet and greet dinner. Tickets are like 125$.. a bit insane if you ask me. Anyways our reception is June 1st and Opie will be here May 31st and June 1st. The guys from the CAV bike gang have given us a wedding present of a night out together to go to this dinner. With baby sitting services if needed! Jon is super excited to meet Opie. I'm super excited for a date night! Since having Alexander we've only been out together for an hour here and there without the baby. It was more when we were in Punta Cana as his parents were there and would look after the little guy while we went to eat or went to the beach and it was his nap time. But I was also an emotional post partum wreck!
So yeah we had a big week! I fear however my exercise/diet did not fair out so well and I will not be making it to my goal of getting into the 230's by tomorrow. Hopefully next week. With a little over a month to my Amherst wedding reception I'd like to drop 10 lbs. I know its entirely possible I just gotta put in the effort!
We also went to Jon's parents this weekend and they have carpeted stairs.  Alexander was chasing his cousin around the house and discovered said stairs.. and this is what happened: Discovery of steps. Needless to say I was shocked as he has never been on stairs before. Such a smart little man.
So as Jon says everything is coming up Dickinson! Here's to a fantastic week ahead. I know the next couple of months are going to be full of excitement!

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