Saturday, April 6, 2013

Temptations and baby belly buttons.

So far operation lose weight is going ok. There is lots of times I am tempted to eat junk, and want to just pig out on anything, however I know it's best for me not to. I have been getting exercise in. I've been going to the indoor track and walking there as long as Alexander will let me. Yesterday he got fussy after 30 minutes, which cut my plans short, then we came home and he slept for 3 hours. :S
I really really wanna start doing my Jillian Michaels DVD's again however my knees have very different plans on that. They hurt after an hour + walk, and they hurt for hours. So I have to figure out what exercises I can do that will help strengthen them. My diet has been good aside from wanting to eat junk, I actually do not. I weighed myself this morning but I'm not going to say what it was until Tuesday. Sometimes when I weigh myself on the weekends I actually weigh less then I do at the beginning of the week. So I don't want to share until I know it's going to stay there. I hate weight fluctuations! 
It's going to be pretty crappy weather this weekend so not much will be happening, perhaps some house cleaning. Hopefully some house cleaning. I have Zumba tomorrow night. I can't wait until the weather forecast doesn't include snow. It's April, time for spring to happen and be done of this silly snow business. I could totally be a snow bird.
In other news our Amherst wedding reception is in 2 months. Yes we are already married, but we went away to get married and Jon's mom wanted to have the reception in June. Since she is the one putting it on, we couldn't really argue the fact. She has rented a hall with a DJ and a caterer. I am excited to do the husband and wife dance! I'm on this dilemma however whether to get a block of room set aside for out of town guests or just not. Apparently there is something big happening in Amherst that weekend and a lot of the hotels are getting all booked up. Like the hotel by Jon's parents place which usually has 1 maybe 2 cars at it, has 8 rooms left! We haven't sent out the invites yet either so I'm not sure how many from Moncton will be going. I also don't know if we get charged if we set aside a block and they don't get used. I  have to wait for Jon's mom to get back then we'll do the wording and the info and send them out! Our wedding has lasted a VERY long time. Wedding in November, PEI reception in January and Amherst/Moncton reception in June!
The other thing about having it June 1st its a super busy day. It's the day of Ride for Dad, a prostate cancer fundraiser put on by the CAV which Jon is apart of. There is a large baby consignment sale and apparently there is an actor from SOA coming to Moncton. However I don't think any of our friends/family is large enough fans to spend 125$ to go see him at a dinner. I had wanted to go to the sale however I will probably need to be in Amherst to help decorate the hall. I'm excited to wear my dress again though! Then it will be going up for sale. I really don't need to keep it. Yes its beautiful but I really do not need it taking up room in our house. Plus really when will I wear it again.
Baby belly button pictures. How cute are these?!?!

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