Saturday, March 9, 2013

Being a runner post baby with an autoimmune disorder

I have an auto immune disorder. CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy) basically my immune system will attack the nerves in my arms and legs. It starts at the myelin sheath which is what is used to send the signal from your brain to your nerves to get your body parts to move. As you can imagine when I have episodes they really suck. When I was first sick with this disorder I lost all ability to walk. I was 17 and I could only move my head. I did not even have enough strength in my hands to push more then  2 buttons on a phone to dial a number. I was bed ridden for a couple of months. Eventually they put me on meds and I spent a good 7-8 years trying to get things straightened out. They did put me on IVIG which has since put my disorder into remission. When I was getting things worked out there was  a time where I couldn't walk up stairs because I was too weak. I started going to the gym worked out on the treadmill. I eventually got to the point where I ran. I love running. It's very therapeutic for me. Before I got pregnant I ran 5k a day. Albeit I ran slow I still ran! When I was pregnant I was sick for my first 4.5 months. This put an end to my working out and running. I did not work out at all. Then after Alexander was born I had postpartum so I didn't pick it back up.
My disorder is not full blown now but I can feel some symptoms occasionally especially when I'm super tired. I have a bit of weakness. I now have been walking occasionally with Alexander, which is harder because of the stroller and the state of the sidewalks. Our sidewalks are bad by my place. When ppl were walking on them they slushy it froze in foot prints, as a result there is huge ruts in the ice/snow on the sidewalk. Pushing a jogging stroller through it is hard. I don't like pushing him in the bicycle lane because I do not feel that it is safe, especially in the winter time, you never know when a car will hit ice.
Because of the weather and my disorder I've been sticking to around 3k :( which is frustrating. I can't wait til the side walks are clear so I can go on my full 5k. My times are slow, like turtle slow but I'm also not jogging now. I'm averaging 15-16 minutes per KM pushing a stroller through slushy rutty sidewalks. I will be ever so grateful for when the sidewalks get cleared. I was doing my 5k in 50 minutes outside 38 on the treadmill (hills are the devil!). I was quite proud of myself the other day as when I would hit bare spots of the sidewalk I was doing 13min/km splits. I have the Couch to 5k app on my phone. I just need to get the sidewalks cleared to workout!  My goal is to do the cross boarder run next July. I'd love to do it this July however I do not know if I can be ready for it. The cross boarders run is a 10k run that starts in Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. You can do 5k but I'd really like to do the 10K.
I have run into a few issues now. I am not eating the best I should be. I am not eating well at all since the baby was born. I do not know how to fuel my body and eat 95% of the time out of boredom. I need to redo my diet. I find it quite hard to eat right with Alexander. I never find the time to do the simple things such as cooking a chicken breast and making a salad.. However it really shouldn't be that hard. I should be able to make the time, it really doesn't take that long. Any suggestions on how to get my diet back on track would be greatly appreciated. I swear when I pushed my child out I also pushed my brain out! I just for the life of me can not get my diet/exercise back on track.

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