Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well I stepped on the scale today and this is what I saw:

This disappointed me greatly I need to figure out why I continue to gain weight :( I'm very upset at this moment. I fought so hard to lose weight now I'm basically back where I started 7 years ago :( time for me to make a lot of changes. I want to be healthy for my husband and my son. I want to go back to enjoying life. I need to stop and evaluate my life. :(

I'm putting this out on my blog because I need to be real. I need encouragement and accountability. I also updated my calorie count app on my iphone. I need to start using that more often. Weight loss is calories in VS calories out. I've done this time and time again. I'm super disappointed that I gained 6 lbs in the past 2 weeks. I think tonight I'll be sitting down and having a talk with the hubby and ask for help. I've asked him before then I get upset when he tried. This time I can not this is too important. He is not in great shape either we both could use this. I really never wanted to see that number again. Tuesday will be my weight in days. I will post the weight on here so every one (all 6 of you) can see my progress. Lord I hope that the last time that number ever appears.


  1. Good luck hun!!! I'll be rooting for you!!

  2. Thanks Cate! I am so frustrated I'm back up there. It's so hard to get it off and keep it off :( It will always be a struggle I guess. It's just harder now with a little one to eat and exercise properly. I'm guessing though that this will be something I will eventually get a hold on.