Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quick day/quick week ahead

So today was EI day so I got paid. Pay weeks always go so quickly, and I don't mean just the money. Today consisted of a drive to peticodiac to see our doctor (who gave us tips on weaning/baby food etc) and groceries. Groceries were awesome cause I left Alexander home with Jon and went alone!! It was great :) Tomorrow is the movies with the babies and Saturday is just stupid packed. I'm going to Zumba in the morning then afternoon it's visiting and supper at Jon's parents then we're hosting a UFC party. Which is weird cause none of us watch it regularly but when it's on ppv they always get together here for it. Same with the Super Bowl. Friday will consist of cleaning and getting food ready for said event.

So my doctor advised me today to start cutting out the late morning/afternoon feelings and when he eats his solids to offer him a bottle at the same time. She also said since he only drinks it cold that I don't have to go by the 1 hour and chuck it rule. She said by the time it gets warm and "dangerous" it'll be 2-3 hours. She did say that the real danger is warming it up and then cooling it down and warming it up again. With how he drinks it it's not an issue.

I didn't do anything fitness wise but got lots of healthy things to eat oh and didn't snack today!! Yay day 1 :).

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