Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear daylight savings time.. you SUCK

It's the time feared by all moms especially those with young children, "spring ahead" in day light savings time. When we "fell back" it did not affect Alexander however the "spring ahead" has completely messed my lovely happy kissy snuggly boy up to the max! Insted I awoke to a fussy cranky I'm only going to nap for a half hour at a time and scream crying the whole time I'm awake baby. Even now as I watch the baby monitor he's fussing himself to sleep. He fell asleep nursing (which is extremely rare now) but hubbys phone went off and woke him now he won't drift quietly back to sleep..  While I love the extra day light I hate the messing with my kid's routine!

I did not accomplish much today, I made him some puree chicken, made a doctors appt, and attempted to make baby cereal pancakes. That was an epic fail. No matter what heat I cooked them at, which kind of pan I used, or how big/small I made them they burnt on the outside and were raw in the middle :S I'd like to start feeding him something more then just puree foods. I tried strawberries today which were chunky.. he was not happy with them. I was quite disappointed in the pancakes. :( We tried to take out the afternoon nursing sessions however with a screeching refusing solids baby I broke and gave into him and nursed him.

So last night at Zumba the instructor came over and chatted with us after class and she said if we do Zumba 2-3 times a week and ate properly that we could lose our pregnancy weight. I am struggling with the eating right part. Big time. I have tried to cut out the "bad things" of my diet and it's hard when your super stressed. I'm feeling less stressed then before however maybe now is a good time to try to start over. I think for the next 21 days I will cut out my snacking. I will only eat my 3 meals a day. (starting tomorrow as today is a bust!) Maybe that will be a start and I'll lose some lbs. I would really like to get the new Jillian Michaels book however I really can't imagine where I'd fit in the time to read it, until I start back to work then I might be able to sneak a bit in on my lunch breaks.

So my goal last week was 21 days of blogging to start my habit. My goal this week will be 21 days of no snacking to see if that will break my bad habit and create a new healthier one. A few other habits I'd like to break over time is the amount of time I spend on my cell phone, drinking pop, not exercising as much as I should and being lazy and resting through the day insted of straightening up. I have an ideal me in my head that I want to strive to be cause she's a rockin mom!

I would like every mom who visits this page to go to this link.. and remember it while your child is growing:

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