Monday, March 25, 2013

Change is good.

So I went with my friend today to look for used furniture for their new house. I love looking at furniture. I found a few really nice kitchen table sets that I would like to own. 888$ for a beautiful 9 peice dinnette set. I can't wait til we get our own house which will be bigger then this place so we can get new fun furniture.
I went online tonight and found what appeared to be an awesome place, went and looked at the area it was in and it had a sold sign on it :( We planned on waiting a couple of years to get a good down payment. Right now we have none, but as first time home owners we do not need a down payment it would just "help". However I don't think we'd be able to find that deal again anytime soon so we'll do what we planned on and start saving for a down payment once I return back to work. I can't wait to return to work to get money again.. I think I've mentioned that before.
I figure I'll start looking now for a house just so I do my research and get as good as deal as we can when the time comes. We have a few great people working with us. My friends hubby is a mortgage broker and my cousin in law is a realitor so we are in good hands. I hate that when you go looking with a friend for something you start wanting it for yourself lol. There were so many nick nacks at the used furniture places that I'd like to get but we just don't have the room here. Plus its a rental so we can not do any renovations. I will be oh so happy once we have our downpayment and can do serious house shopping.
In other news Jon's parents are gone to Florida for 2 weeks. They left us the van! So for the next 2 weeks I have a 2010 Grand Caravan to drive around in. I will be looking into getting either the grand caravan or the journey in June. I do love the space the caravan offers though. There is many things I like about both vehicles. Not much I don't like. I think when it comes down to deciding which vehicle to get it will come down to which has more things I like in it. The budget is a concern as well so if at that time the caravan is a lot cheaper then the journey then caravan it is.
There has been so many changes in my life in the past year and so many more to come in the next couple of years its quite exciting. Some of it is a bit overwhelming as well but none the less exciting.. Change is good.
Tomorrow is weigh in day.. Not looking forward to that. But I definitely have been more active this week and ate a bit better, so *fingers crossed*

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