Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh in day!

I'm a day late with this post as yesterday was pay day and I had a ton of running around to do. I got a few toys for Alexander and then did the eternal never ending task of grocery shopping. After his morning nap and food this took all after noon then supper and then we had bath time and by then my hubby took over the laptop. I have one but it really sucks so I use his.

I ran into this genius yesterday while shopping:

Really this lady (I'd say late 40's early 50's) took about 5 minutes to park like this.. Where do ppl learn to drive?!?!
I did jump on the scales yesterday morning and seen this :

 Which is no loss but also no gain.. Which is frustrating but glad I did not have a gain. So in light of this I got Jillian Michael's new book at Costco yesterday.
I love that even under the book cover the book is pink! I started it last night I can't wait to get through it and start living my new "slim for life" life! I really hope this helps me. One of the best things of all is no matter how much I weigh right now this little face still loves me! I love little scrunchy face man!

He is also the reason I want to get healthy and get in shape. He is still not actively drinking from the bottle/sippy cup so it looks like I may go back to work as a nursing mom. If that has to happen I'll just make sure I nurse him before I go to work and once I get home hopefully pump a bit off so it will be more comfortable for me to sleep. That is our biggest challenge with weaning him is to get him off the boob onto a sippy/bottle. We will work it out though cause I am going back to work May 6th. I miss getting money. I'm still kinda nervous about going back to work in 5 weeks. I thought being off work for a 9-10 months would really bother me but it hasn't mainly due to the emotional roller coaster that my hormones have put me on. But YAY for change! I really need to embrace it or it will not work out well. We have plans,big plans. We're hoping to get me a new vehicle and in a couple of years get a house. I can't wait til we have our down payment and can start house shopping! Life is what you make it, and we are going to give Alexander a great one!

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