Sunday, March 10, 2013


I had a fairly relaxing Sunday albeit a long one. Alexander woke at 5:45 this morning and decided that he did not want to go back to bed until 9 am :S he did play a while in his crib quietly but mostly wanted to be with us. He then slept til 11 am and then my friend Amy came over and played with him for a bit and visited. Then I went to zumba tonight. Alexander has now pushed the limit of his bedtime by well past an hour on his old schedule and just went to bed 20 minutes ago. It's 10:20pm :S What a brutal bed time that was! So I have been awake (with no nap might I add) since 5:45 am! How am I still able to form sentences.

So as my title says I went to zumba tonight. I really enjoy it me and my friend Kim go. We try to go every Sunday night.. Try being the operative word. I can honestly say without a doubt this is how I do zumba:

But it gives me energy and makes me feel better so that's really whats important right! We  have fun doing it so it doesn't matter how silly we look.

I'm hoping for a good week weather wise so that I can get Alexander out for a few walks, I noticed tonight the sidewalks were clearing up of some of the ice chunks. I really have to work on my diet this week and not just grab whats quick and convenient. I really need to think about what I'm putting into my body and fueling it. Not just for my sake or to try to lose weight but for Alexander too. I'm breastfeeding this child I don't know how many nutrients are in cheese cake but I'm sure its not the best thing to go thought my body to produce milk for him.

Anyways I'm exhausted beyond believe but I wanted to do a quick update, for the 21 days to make a new habit thing. Perhaps I should also make other changes as well. I will think of a list of things over night and dates on which to start these changes. One small change can make a huge difference right!

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