Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy crap I have an 8 month old child!

Alexander turned 8 months yesterday. He continues to bring happiness and joy into every single day of my life. I am still in complete shock sometimes that I have a tiny human living with me. He is an amazing child. He is always smiling and loves laughing and chasing the cat. I'm sorry Callie but I promise one of these days all the fur pulling and being chased from room to room will pay off. Someday soon you will have a little fella who will give you a zillion pets a day.
Alexander does something every single day that amazes me. I have watched this little boy go from a crying blob to a little boy. He is a person now. He is becoming his own little person. Every day is new discoveries. He walks with us holding his hand. He wants to stand all the time and walk all the time. He will stand up against everything. Yesterday he washed my face with the face cloth I used to wash his face with after supper. It was super cute. He is starting to wave. He waves bye to daddy every morning. He has a fierce army crawl. He has had a few topples but on the most part he's pretty steady. He's starting to dance to music, which is incredible. This morning he started "sharing" with daddy. He had a string he'd put in his mouth then put in daddy's mouth. (it was from Jon's hoodie not just some random string) I'm sure he'll be walking in a few short months. He still has no teeth but as a nursing mom I'm ok with that.
He started sucking from a straw the other day (THANK GOD). I can not tell you how happy that milestone makes me. He is the most incredible kid. I am so excited to watch this child continue to grow. 
He eats like a fiend too. He is always eating. He weighed 15 lbs 1 oz at his 6 month appt so he's not very big but man he can pack away food. He eats 4 times a day. 8 am. 12 pm 4 pm and 730. His morning and evening feeds are cereal and his noon and 4 pm feeds are fruit or veggies and meat. Around 3 he will have some finger foods too. He loved the apple wheels and oranges. When he does eat it is a lot I guess. My friend gives her girls 3-4 oz between the twins each meal. Alexander eats 4-5 oz sometimes 6 oz per feeding himself. He's about 2 lbs less then the bigger twin so I don't think its hurting him any. The twins are 3 weeks younger then Alexander too.

My life has changed in the past 8 months. I lost myself for a long time. I'm JUST starting to come back into my own and try to figure out how to be mom, wife and Charity. That's a lot to learn, it's tough, it's a struggle, one I hope to get a hold of in the next few months because in 6 weeks I become mom, wife, Charity and tech support agent. It is going to be a large adjustment one I hope I'll be able to do well. I know in my mind the kind of mom/wife/person I want to be it's just to bring that to the front and implement it. It's easy to be lazy when you've spent 8 months at home with the kid. You have to start somewhere at some point though don't ya. My major goal over the next year is to lose weight. I want to get back to my 170-180 lbs. I want to feel that good about myself again. I have been tracking all my food for the past week and I will take a look at it and figure out where I can improve on. See if I can figure out why/where I'm gaining.

What about you lovely readers out there, have you had kids? Have you lost yourself to those kids? How did you find yourself again?

To end on a cute note  here's a short video:

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