Friday, March 15, 2013

Relaxing after a crazy day

Today was insane! Tomorrow will be a wee bit more insane! Today we had to get the oil changed in hubby's car so we went for a walk while that was happening, checked out some used cars as I'm in the market soon for a car. More then likely the end of June. We're looking into a Dodge Journey, Mazda 5 or a nice used Honda CRV. We want something with tons of space since going out now requires us to bring 3/4 of our house. Especially if we go away over night! I thought it was bad before when we just had a dog.. A kid has a ton more stuff then a dog. After looking at a few cars we had to run some errands and I had to get blood taken as I'm getting my thyroid checked. Then it was home for supper and a fight to put a little man to bed and then I had to prep food for Jon's UFC party tomorrow night. Busy day indeed.

I did break my 21 day streak yesterday.. I'll call it a "rest day" mainly because that's what I did. The day's that Alexander is whiny are the hardest on me. I can handle crying I can handle him not wanting to settle the days of constant whining that's what gets me. That little high pitched whine. I love him to death but I HATE HATE HATE that sound. It truly is nails on a chalk board for me. So Jon decided I'd go to bed at 8 and he'd do bed time duty.. which was great! I slept from 9ish til 6 am! YAY sleep.. its wonderful. Today was another whiny day though :( I just don't know what's going on with my little man. I tried a ton of stuff he was just not happy today. I also did not do well with the "not snacking" its hard.. Especially when you're with other ppl and they snack. It's when the will power is the weakest.

So lets talk nutrition. When I got pregnant apparently that side of my braid died. I wish it had gone into hibernation but nope it died completely. I no longer know what to eat for meals. I can't think what I use to eat. I can't think of the proper way to fuel my body. I really should have been doing this from the time I got pregnant but food got to hard. Instead eating an english muffin with cheese with a cup of coffee became dinner. Not my beloved 3 bean salad with chicken, or turkey wrap with tzatiki sauce and spinach with an apple. It's hard to remember to eat healthy when you have a 7.5 month old who you have to be super diligent with their diet and make sure they are not eating fruit all day and get proteins and get iron and get fed enough and drink enough and blah blah blah.. I really wish I had someone to make my meals for me like I do for Alexander. But when it comes to nutrition I know it. It is buried somewhere deep in my head but I do know it. I know how to eat healthy. Years of eating healthy helped me do that. It should not erase 18 months of not eating healthy. That info is still in there. My goal is to eventually follow Jillian Michaels food plan. She is so smart when it comes to health. She know we need to eat certain foods, she knows we're human and we can't be "on" all the time. I hate seeing friends try these speciality diets like Atkins, palebo, blood type diet.. All of these diets include cutting out a food type. There is food however I do not eat. French fries. Fast food burgers.. actually the only fast food I eat is Arby's. Immediately deep fried foods. I say immediately because I do eat chips and sometimes we get those boxes of precooked chicken wings or fish that I will eat but that's really only started happening the past 3-4 months :s Mainly because I make them for hubby so eat a few myself.  I'd like to lose 65-70 lbs. That is my goal. I'd love to hit it by the end of summer but that would require a 14 lbs weight loss each month and right now I think that is a bit unrealistic. I'm hoping once the weather warms up it will be a more achievable goal.

Here is a pic of me on my wedding day. I hope to be a lot smaller this time next year!

Well it is getting late and tomorrow will be an insanely busy day including Zumba, dinner with family, tidying up the house and having friends over. I must get to bed before I pass out.. it may be the wine I just had but man oh man am I ever tired.

BTW looking for a nice Zinfandel wine. Barefoot makes a great one.

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